Eco Wedding And Green Wedding Ideas

Green Wedding Ideas: Tips to have an Eco Wedding.

Ideas Of Having An Eco Wedding

Who says that green wedding ideas are only for environmentalists? An Eco Wedding actually a good way to show how much a new family cares for the environment. Not only will you be saving money, you would actually be contributing something concrete to the preservation of resources and the earth.

Green Wedding Ideas: An alternative to white weddings

White weddings have been traditionally considered the most expensive weddings around. And where there is luxury- there is waste. Waste implies wastage of precious resources- your resources since you would be paying for everything.

What are examples of green wedding ideas? For one, you can choose to just use what you already have at home. If these aren't enough, you can ask your relatives to pitch in. Practicality coincides well with an Eco Wedding. Being kind to the Earth doesn't have to be difficult to pull off.

According to Sasha Souza, who runs The Whole Shebang in Pleasanton, California:

"We had a customer who really wanted to be kind to the Earth. And that meant vegetarian food, carpooling, a garden setting, cloth napkins and no Styrofoam."

Souza continues with:

"The event was just beautiful, and it wasn't any more difficult to arrange than any other wedding. There are so many options out there now. Finding environmental alternatives to traditional wedding items is really not an issue."

The whole shebang without the mountain of waste

According to Mike Connors of Minnesota's Wedding Details:

"I've been seeing a definite increase in requests for environmentally-aware weddings. Now we're setting up separate bins for cans, bottles, paper and plastic."

Green wedding ideas focus on minimizing the harmful effects on the Earth's fragile ecosystem. An Eco Wedding is a statement and practice rolled into one. It's sending out a message that if we can be environmentally conscious in such a ceremony, we can certainly be environmentally conscious on a large scale.

The best advice is ...

How do you tone down the complexity of holding a green wedding ceremony and reception? The keyword here is simplicity. Just keep it simple enough- making sure that people would still be comfortable and would find the ceremony still beautiful. After all, aesthetics is really just about dressing up the ordinary world.

The following are some easy green wedding ideas.
  1. Consider holding your Eco wedding ceremony and the reception in the same location. This minimizes driving and simplifies your life as the one hosting the event.

  2. If you have a professional wedding planner in tow, make sure that you have sufficiently informed him/her of your plans in having a green wedding.

  3. For now, avoid commercial cut flower arrangements. Use homegrown varieties that would still do the job perfectly.

  4. Produce your own wedding cake. Experiment and have fun in the process! The keyword here is organic. Use eggs from free-range chickens, sweeteners that do not have to be bagged by machines, etc.

  5. Your honeymoon should also be a part of your Eco wedding. For example, instead of cruising in cities throughout your honeymoon, why not hit the beach and relax there for a while? Waste is reduced, and you minimize your exposure to fumes at the same time.

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Eco Wedding And Green Wedding Ideas

Green Wedding Ideas: Tips to have an Eco Wedding.