Green Wedding Bouquet

Using Green Wedding Bouquet and Other Wise Options for your Green Wedding

Green weddings are becoming more and more popular today, owing to the rising consciousness of people to support the environment. Aside from green wedding bouquet, other steps can be done to make your wedding the best ecologically friendly wedding ever devised.

Compromising with traditional weddings

What's the main difference with traditional weddings and so-called green weddings? Basically, it's a reversal. All the things done in a traditional white wedding are considered unsustainable- because white weddings are primarily designed to be luxurious. Luxury is not a bad thing- in small quantities. White weddings magnify the luxury a hundred fold.

A green wedding bouquet for example, would be produced with home grown flowers- not commercially bought one. This reduces the demand for cultured flowers. Also, this takes care of the budget, since home grown flowers cost nothing. If you want dress it up, you simply have to buy some nice "crinkled" paper to wrap around the organic bouquet.

Prices go up, up, up

According to a study done by the Conde Nast Bridal Group:

"The average wedding now costs about $28,000. A lot of that money ends up being spent on things that are wasteful and ultimately harmful to the environment. Just consider the paper waste involved in the fancy invitations with three envelopes and tissue paper, or the high volume of cardboard boxes used to mail gifts to the newlyweds."

The reason for the spiking price of traditional white weddings is that manufacturers are finding more and more ways to "improve" what's already there. The result? The production costs go up in tandem with the improvements. Using green wedding bouquet and other "green" wares can improve your chances of avoiding such a large expense for just one ceremony.

The future is now

According to says Emily Elizabeth Anderson, author of Eco-Chic Weddings:

"We're in an overconsumptive society, and weddings are becoming the worst example of that. If you have an eco-friendly wedding ... you can still have exactly what you want without spending more money and without sacrificing style and taste."

The future looks bleak without people doing the right thing. Choosing green weddings is the right, ethical way to go.

Budget constraints

There are some instances that getting other items aside from a green wedding bouquet can be pricey. We're not denying that there are some items that are more expensive because they are organic. It seems that the logical precedence of our society today is that when something is hand made, it's more expensive.

Mass produced paper for example, is often less expensive than really good recycled pulps. The handmade papers are the most expensive variety. Consider these if you want the luxury to be helpful to the environment. Sometimes, giving something back costs more green.

As for the flowers in the bouquets and other arrangements, ask your florist (if you're ordering) to avoid using wires and other implements. State that you wish to compost the flowers after the wedding to bring them back to the earth. This can't be done with "oasis" (non-biodegradable material) and metal wires.

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Green Wedding Bouquet

Using Green Wedding Bouquet and Other Wise Options for your Green Wedding