Green Wedding Cake

Green Wedding Cake and Other Fabulous Ideas for Your Upcoming Green Wedding

The preparation involved for a wedding is often extensive- you literally have to start preparing for it months ahead of time. There simply is too much work to be done, too many phone calls to make and too many people to communicate with.

But did you know that getting a green wedding cake can simplify your wedding plan? Before we talk about wedding cakes, let's explore a few things about the green weddings in general.

Define it

A green wedding or an eco wedding is no longer tied to the original concept of what a wedding "should" be. For example, instead of asking "how much for the silver?" eco wedding enthusiasts ask "how much C02 would be pumped to the air with this option?" It's a fun and exciting way to personally lobby for environmental sustainability.

A green wedding cake can exemplify the push for a healthier environment. Eco friendly wedding cakes are made at home, from organic ingredients. For example, you use eggs from chickens that are so-called free-range. Substitutions are always encouraged.

Instead of using commercial flour, alternative organic flours are used, such as those that are made from other root crops. Cassava flour can also be used.

To make the deal that much sweeter, consider using organic sweeteners that don't have to be imported in large quantities from other countries. For instance, natural honey can be used. Crude commercialism is out- suave organic selectivity is in.

Being earth friendly- aside from the green wedding cake

According to Esyllt Lord, a spokesperson from Friends of the Earth Cymru:

"The number of people expressing interest in eco-weddings has dramatically increased. So much so that our charity has created a green weddings advice section on its website. It's a trend which is on the up. Weddings are very individual things but with an eco-wedding you can pick and choose what you do, whether you just want to go for charity lists or go eco with your clothes as well."

According to Tessa Taylor, a writer at You and Your Wedding magazine:

"Brides are increasingly opting for eco-features such as potted plants on tables rather than cut flowers and a number of green wedding venues have been set up. And she added "the popularity of charity wedding lists has dramatically increased over the past 18 months."

"Part of the reason for this is that lots of couples live together before they get married and so they're already set up in terms of towels and household things. They'd rather give something back instead."

Great green wedding recommendations

If you want to prepare more than just a green wedding cake, follow these simple tips for a greener and more ecologically friendly wedding.
  1. If you want beautiful wedding rings, try to find a pair in antique shop. You never know what you're going to find!

  2. Be a humanitarian- in the truest sense of the word. Look for the Kimberly Certification to avoid buying diamonds from conflict areas in the world.

  3. Put your wedding photos on Flickr or similar online services- save money, save paper and instantly save electricity.

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Green Wedding Cake

Green Wedding Cake and Other Fabulous Ideas for Your Upcoming Green Wedding