Green Wedding Centerpieces

Organizing a Truly Green Wedding with the Green Wedding Centerpieces and All

What do you think of green wedding centerpieces? At first glance, the idea seems to be off the map- but did you know that on the World Wide Web, there are now thriving industries providing would-be spouses with organic materials for their weddings?

Making sense of the "green" wedding movement

There isn't actually a movement pushing for the sole us of green wedding centerpieces, but there are many instances that permanence becomes an aim. Take the example of a horsehair mattress. It costs 1,000 pounds but, you won't be throwing it away after 5 years.

We're not saying that you should buy such an item outright- you can have your friends chip in to produce such a product for you. Such a gift would be meaningful, because aside from being an organic mattress, the waste is zero for the next five or more years depending on the usage.

Some examples of good "green" substitutions

A traditional white wedding makes use of mostly metal, textile, glass and crystal. Want to go organic? There are ample substitutes for such materials. For example, you can opt to use green wedding centerpieces, cotton towels, cotton clothes and even cotton sheets.

For your vacation, scrap the trip to the beach somewhere in Bombay. Stay right there in your own place in the country and explore unexplored destinations. You would be surprised that there are actually exciting finds right in the place you call home.

Ring around the roses ...

Wedding rings are the ultimate symbol of the union between two loving individuals. But did you know that the process of mining the precious metals themselves cause undue damage to the environment?

As a sign of your dissent to the growing damage to the environment, choose not to wear new precious metals. Now, where does this lead you? The answer is quite simple and very exciting indeed- recycled gold and silver.

Recycled precious metals, like green wedding centerpieces can be made by jewelers using scrap gold and other alloys from old jewelry. This means you won't be consuming gold that had been freshly mined. If you think about it, if people recycle gold frequently, there won't be any need to mine more gold. Accumulation of such precious metals is utterly pointless in the long run.

Local food is preferred

Why is locally and organically grown food preferable for a green wedding? For one, imported food has literally been flown in thousands of miles from the exporting countries. This approach expends resources like oil and pumps the air full of smog and other ozone-depleting substances.

Locally grown food means you would be reducing emissions produced specifically for your wedding. As for choosing the venue for the reception, did you know that you can actually hold your reception in a large, clean farmhouse with a good view and natural lighting? Using an "organic" venue for your reception translates to lowering electricity usage - which actually means the usage of oil.

Less demand for oil means less dependence- something that we all have to develop if we are to survive the coming oil crisis.

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Green Wedding Centerpieces

Organizing a Truly Green Wedding with the Green Wedding Centerpieces and All