Green Wedding Decorations

Using Green Wedding Decorations & other Eco-Friendly Methods for your Green Wedding Celebration

Brides today are aiming for something more than just a plain old white wedding. Brides are marching, loud and proud toward a green wedding. Green weddings complete with green wedding decorations is the new cry for a growing mass of couples who choose to put the environment first on their list of priorities.

Decorations need not be plastic

The point of having a green wedding is mainly reducing waste, emissions and garbage. This can only be done if we all stick to biodegradable or more preferably, organic products.

Green wedding decorations often make use of two main "ingredients" plant life and paper. With paper alone, you already have a myriad of possibilities to choose from. Crepe paper and all kinds of paper may be used to decorate the reception or even your home on the day of the wedding itself.

Plants can be used to decorate the whole surrounding reception area. The important thing is you make use of organically grown flowers if you wish to order. Or, you can make use of your own produce from the garden or yard.

Ethical shopping

According to Katie Fewings, who runs an ethical wedding website:

"This is fast becomi

ng a growing fad for green brides (using sustainable materials)." Libby Smit, 30 years old, shares her own experience with a green wedding, which includes the whole gamut from green wedding decorations to ethical shopping habits: "I've always been interested in environmental and social issues. We wanted to keep the wedding as environmentally-friendly as possible and hopefully we will manage that. Everyone has been really supportive. My friends weren't surprised when they heard but I think most people think it is a good idea."

She continues with:

"Michael (her husband) supports and encourages me and likes that I'm interested in these issues. It was his idea to have vegetarian food at the reception."

Have yourself an eco-friendly day

How does a wedding connect to the environment? For one, weddings are attended by a mass of people. You simply have to do the math. How many people have their cars? How many would be driving from distant towns or cities? The transportation involved alone should be enough evidence that a wedding can affect the immediate environment. This is why the use of green wedding decorations and other approaches matters so much- because you would be doing the environment a big favor.

In the long run, an eco friendly wedding can cost much more than a traditional wedding. That is, if you still want to buy eco-friendly things that are pricey. For example, you might be helping cut down consumption of conflict diamonds by going to an antique shop.

But there might be a chance that the wedding ring that you would be buying would be just as expensive as or even more expensive than a regular, fabricated ring. In the end, all you can do is to make sure that everyone pitches on the effort to cut down consumption. It might sound difficult to do- but try it nonetheless.

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Green Wedding Decorations

Using Green Wedding Decorations & other Eco-Friendly Methods for your Green Wedding Celebration