Green Wedding Dress

Getting a Green Wedding Dress and other Green Wedding Tales.

Why would anyone want to have a green wedding, anyway? For one, you would be doing the environment a big favor. We are in the era of massive climate change, and it all boils down to human practices. If you effect change in micro-practices, you can achieve change in the larger social setting.

A green wedding dress is just one component of a green wedding. Though it's the most challenging one yet, since everyone seems to want a traditional white, flowing garb on the day of their special union with their significant other.

Green idea

According to a spokeswoman from the Energy Saving Trust, getting a green wedding dress doesn't have to be difficult:

"Shopping for a once-worn or sample wedding gown could bring a vast new choice of dresses inside your price range - but it's eco-friendly too, as no new materials need to be used. How about hiring your bridesmaids' dresses, rather than having new ones made? You could hire your bridal shoes or buy secondhand for a fraction of the usual cost. Consider a secondhand suit."

She continues with:

¡§These could be altered and re-styled, and save new materials having to be used. Alternatively, why not hire formal wear outfits, rather than having new ones made? Look for wedding stationery, photo albums and guest books which are made with materials that are recycled, handmade or Fairtrade. Set up your own wedding website and ask people to RSVP by email or online, with details of how to get there by public transport."

More green ideas

According to the Green Guide for Weddings, penned by Jen Marsden:

"Ideally try to use a venue that is local to you and your guests to cut down on transport. You could travel to the church carbon-free by hiring a romantic horse and carriage, or even rickshaws or cycles. If the venue offers catering packages, ensure that they have eco-friendly policies in place, such as recycling and a commitment to environment."

"Locally produced (and preferably organically grown) real flower petals makes for great biodegradable confetti or you could use confetti made with recycled, biodegradable paper or even bird-friendly seeds. This will help reduce waste. Instead of cut flower displays, decorate church/tables with pot plants. Then your guests can take them home to plant in the garden or have in their homes."

"Use a catering company that is prepared to compost their food waste. Try to use wedding photographers and videographers who offer digital services. You could ask for presents not to be wrapped except where necessary to reduce damage."

Be the perfect bride

Being a dream bride doesn't end in getting a green wedding dress - not at all. Still want to fly? Why not book a flight to Africa and enjoy the peaceful countryside there? After you've enjoyed the scenic attractions, you can proceed to donate whatever it is you want to donate to the people there.

Charity - real charity means caring for the resources of others. Giving away wedding items like memorabilia, etc., assures that waste would be reduced. Your green wedding dress could also be given away if you wish- to the next green wedding bride of your choice.

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Green Wedding Dress

Getting a Green Wedding Dress and other Green Wedding Tales.