Green Wedding Favors

Using Green Wedding Favors and Other Green Wedding Approaches

A green wedding necessitates the use of sustainable materials during the preparation of the wedding. It's not just about using green wedding favors - it's about the whole schema that you would be using from the ceremony to the honeymoon.

Going green

Green wedding favors are actually quite easy to make. For example, instead of ordering 150 synthetically manufactured wedding favors, why not use plants? Chinese bamboo is actually a wonderful way to remind guests and relatives of your union.

Other plants, such as dwarf pineapples and many kinds of cacti can be used in place of plastic or porcelain wedding favors. Not only are they organic (and of course, biodegradable) but they would also look good on top of someone's shelf or desk.

Swim straight for the green wedding

After planning what to do with your green wedding favors, you can move on to your invitations, flight plans, etc.
  1. Make your invitations as eco friendly as possible. Check whether the paper you'd be using to print or write your invitations are recycled. Never use virgin pulp papers- as these support widespread deforestation and are not environmentally sustainable commercial products.

  2. If you want, make a website with all the details of your wedding and simply invite people to look at the website. Use the power of the Internet to save paper. Create a mailing list for all your guests and use the mailing list to inform them of any changes in the wedding schedule, venue, etc.

  3. As for the gifts that you would be receiving, ask your guests to be judicious in their gift giving. You can ask them to donate to reasonable charities or non-profit organizations instead of giving you another kettle that you don't need.

  4. Borrow the dresses that you would be using for your wedding. Alternatively, you can still have it made, but from recycled textile. This ensures that you would not be consuming more cotton than is really required for the dress, not the ceremony.

  5. Organic wines, made by artisans and other small manufacturers are a great way to support non-polluting industries. Large wine manufacturers are guilty for polluting waterways and using too many chemicals in the process of wine production.

  6. For food, support local food production and buy only foods that are in season. To buy imported goods may translate to supporting unethical business practices and non-sustainable methods in mass agriculture.

More tips

Green wedding favors are in, as well as these other ways to make your eco-friendly wedding even more environmentally supportive.

During your reception, make sure that everyone is using non-disposal wares. Disposable wares such Styrofoam and paper plates contribute to tons of garbage every year. The soap that would be used should be biodegradable as well, and shouldn't end up polluting ponds and creeks.

As for transportation for your family, your spouse-to-be and your guests, choose venues that are close together. This reduces the need to drive around too much, and you would be directly reducing carbon dioxide emissions for that day. Remember- it's the small acts of environmental kindness that makes this world that much livable amidst waste and smog of the industries.

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Green Wedding Favors

Using Green Wedding Favors and Other Green Wedding Approaches