Green Wedding Invitations

Green Wedding Invitations - Just One of Many Projects for a Dream Green Wedding

While many women still dream of traditional white weddings, complete with bridal entourages and dashing white cars, many women are now opting for ecologically-friendly green weddings.

Green wedding invitations are just one of many things you can do to make your wedding eco-friendly. To make your invitations friendly to the Earth, make sure you use as little resources in their production. Recycled paper sounds good- avoid commercially produced perfumed papers as these use too much dyes and usually use virgin pulp.

The larger picture

What's pushing women to join the bandwagon for ecologically friendly weddings? Well, the credit crunch is one concern- traditional weddings are just too expensive nowadays. A white wedding can really slash off large chunks off a person's bank account. While the wedding is special, so how about the next day?

One of the biggest pull of wedding ideas like green wedding invitations is that you'd be slashing more than half of your total expenses. That's a lot of money saved, considering that money is really hard to come by nowadays.

Dare to be different

What does it take to send a message to your guests that you want the environmental situation to make a turn for the better? The biggest challenge perhaps is the wedding gown and all its accessories- would you dare to be different?

If you really want to go against the flow, consider having your wedding gown made from old denims. Gary Harvey, the old creative director of Levi Strauss is doing exactly that - with old denims and newspaper. It looks just as nice- but can you wear it until the reception, knowing that it's not white and flowing.

As for the shoes, you can opt to avoid commercial wedding shoes. Vegetable shoes are becoming widely available as these shoes use organic materials and are biodegradable, just like green wedding invitations. By the way, sheep poo paper is now available- look for similar materials to make your invitations with.


Do you feel the need to clock up the air miles after you tie the knot? Unfortunately for many couples, the Caribbean often materializes as that "perfect" place to hold the honeymoon after tying the knot. If you want to save money and carry your green wedding to its logical conclusion, don't fly just yet.

Instead, schedule your honeymoon in spas and beaches nearby. The fun of being together will still be there- and you won't be exchanging currency just because you want to spend time together. Along with your green wedding invitations, you'd be enjoying your time in a truly green honeymoon- away from the bustle of the madding crowd.

Shopping wisely

Of course you would still have to buy things for the preparation of your wedding. But instead of getting a listing for expensive luxury items like silverware- why not just use what's ordinarily available in shopping malls? For example, silverware don't have to cost half your paycheck.

This applies to food- organic foods are actually less expensive than commercial food (unless the organic food is being mass-marketed). If you have a relative with a farm, why not go there and explore what you can get dirt cheap?

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Green Wedding Invitations

Green Wedding Invitations - Just One of Many Projects for a Dream Green Wedding