Green Wedding Reception

Holding a Green Wedding Reception & Other Green Wedding Tips

Holding a green wedding reception can be as easy as 1,2,3. A green wedding is not meant to be difficult- just different. The desire for change is tantamount to dropping many conventions when it comes to weddings. As a rule of thumb, nearly all traditional white wedding practices should be considered wasteful, or at the very least, suspect.

Make your reception green

A green wedding reception can be accomplished by:
  1. Choosing the reception venue close to the ceremony hall. If you live in the United Kingdom, find an eco-friendly, "organic" banquet hall to hold your guests during the reception. Usually, "organic" banquet halls are old, spacious, and well-lit castles that are rented out for a small fee. Talk about ambience!

  2. Transportation should be limited. This is the reason for the reduction of the distance between the formal ceremonies and the venue for the reception. This rule applies to the venue for the ceremonies too. Don't set your wedding at a chapel 150 kilometers from the city center.

  3. Make sure that waste is segregated during the reception. Separate mulching materials from plastics and other solid wastes. Have the solid waste segregated once again for recycling. Nearly all containers and wrappings can either be mulched or recycled. Aim for zero waste production during the reception.

  4. The excess food for your green wedding reception should not be thrown away. If the food is still fresh, have it delivered to charity. This ensures that if there will be a bit of waste from excess food, it will not be discarded 100%.

Other ways to make your wedding green

Aside from a good green wedding reception, there are plenty of ways you can help not only the environment but also your immediate community.
  1. Use recycled paper for all your invitations. Have them printed, but make sure you're not using fresh pulp. Just think of the number of trees you would be saving from untimely demise by using pre-used paper. Don't use too many envelopes if it is not necessary to do so.

  2. Avoid all kinds of disposable dinnerware. You will be amazed with the kind of waste reduction possible if you let all your guests eat off regular plates and use regular glassware. Forget the rental costs- you will be saving mother earth from further waste grief.

  3. One-time use items should be minimized. For example, matching dresses and shoes for your bridegrooms should be moderated. Imagine the amount of money you would be saving.

Other than the green wedding reception ...

There are some challenging tasks for those who would like to go all eco-friendly with their wedding.
  1. Ask the stores where your wedding gifts would be purchased to hold all the items for you. Tell the merchants that you would pick them up yourself after the ceremonies, or a day after the wedding.

  2. Ask the vendors or caterers to either donate or compost all food waste.

  3. Fair trade businesses should be given more attention. These companies or businesses pay good wages to its workers and try their best not to use pesticides and other harmful chemicals in their production processes.

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Green Wedding Reception

Holding a Green Wedding Reception & Other Green Wedding Tips