Green Wedding Rings

Going Green with Green Wedding Rings

Using green wedding rings is but one way of showing some love for Mother Earth. A quick way to get in on the green action is by using emails rather than an RSVP paper trail to invite all your guests. You can be as stylish as you want with custom emails without the paper wastage.

Other immediately usable approaches include the use of reusable confetti and the use of second hand wedding dresses. If you know how to look for a new wedding dress, you would certainly be able to find a beautiful used wedding dress for your big day. Remember, it's always the union that matters and not some dress.

Change for a greener wedding day

According to Executive board member for the environment Councillor Pam Palmer:

"Your wedding day is a very special moment, and everybody goes to great lengths to make it extra-special. However, with just a few small changes the day can be just as perfect but also that little bit greener to help reduce the huge impact weddings can have on the environment."

A dissenting opinion came from Sarah Haywood, a wedding planner and author of the Wedding Bible, who frowns upon green wedding rings and other such items:

"If a couple is not eco-friendly all year round then why do it on the wedding day? Couples should not try and make a statement which does not reflect who they are by having a green wedding."

"The most important aspect of the wedding is to celebrate your commitment to each other, nothing is more important than that. I am a traditionalist, like a lot of people - if guests want to write a letter to reply to an invitation or send a nice gift it should be up to them. She continues with:

"Etiquette is there for the convenience of the guests and not the couple. My company hasn't seen any rise in people wanting environmentally friendly weddings. More people want their food locally sourced but that's about as far as it goes."

Choosing the greener path

Whether Sarah Haywood's opinion counts or not for the billions of people around the world who can make the choice of helping the environment or not, remains to be seen.

However, as we can already see from a logical appraisal of the use of green wedding rings and other "green choices", helping the environment is a subjective choice. You can choose to pollute your own environment or not- it's that simple a choice.

Walking the tightrope between waste, efficiency and eco-friendly practices

Getting green wedding rings is quite easy - you just have someone use recycled gold to produce your rings. The engraving and styling can be done the same way as if you are using freshly mined precious metal.

To be sure, you can't be eco-friendly all the way. At most, you can use organic materials for some of the things you would be using, but not all. For example, there just might be a chance that you won't be able to bake your own organic cake using free-range chicken eggs.

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Green Wedding Rings

Going Green with Green Wedding Rings