Christmas Wedding Favors

When it comes to Christmas Wedding Favors, there are a lot of choices. Let us discuss more about these choices now!

Christmas Wedding Favors

Christmas has fast become a favorite time of the year for couples to get married. If you are planning to have a Christmas wedding, it's about time you start thinking about your wedding favors.

Wedding favors as part of a joyful winter wedding don't necessarily equate to candy canes and Christmas tree ornaments. Let your creative juices flow and take advantage of the atmosphere and flavor of the season to come up with wedding favors which will be hard to forget.

Edible wedding favors

If the idea of edibles appeals to you, and admit it, edibles are always a great hit with wedding guests, then work along the lines of homemade delicacies. Mince pies are an all-time favorite but you can create one with a twist. You can bake them with thin filo sheets or add some cranberries and brandy to the mincemeat.

Cinnamon cookies, mini yule logs, gingerbread, mini Christmas cakes and mouth-watering pastries are other great choices for edible wedding favors. Or you can make your own cookies and package it in colorful boxes.

Mulled wine is a well-liked drink during Christmas season and you can give away small bottles or single bags of mulled wine spice with recipe so the recipients can make their own brew at home. Other seasonal favorites include candies, chocolates, candied fruits, truffles and liquor chocolates.

Candle wedding favors

Candles are a popular highlight during the winter holiday and make marvelous wedding favors any time of the year. Give away votives in ornamental holders or aromatic tea lights for that Christmas scent. Light one up for a trial run first to make sure the scent isn't too overwhelming.

Candle wedding favors are ideal mementos for your guests. Make sure the gifts match your wedding theme and use crystal, glass or mirrored candle holders to make exquisite wedding favors which your guests will be more than happy to receive. Christmas party favors are also welcome presents at this particular time of year.

Other interesting themes

Christmas wedding favors can take various forms and styles. Snowflake-themed favors are a common sight then and now. So are coffees and teas which are a pleasure to receive all year round. Christmas wedding favors can also take the form of decorations, Christmas-themed pads and stationery, snow globes, and many others.

Most of the wedding favors for Christmas can be customized to include the newlyweds' names, the date and their wedding picture.

For something that is entirely unique and different, you can consider charitable work by donating your wedding favor budget to your favorite charity instead. There are countless deserving charities around the world any time of the year, but we tend to think more of the less fortunate individuals during the Christmas season. Your guests will only be too glad to share your personal judgment and won't miss their Christmas cookies for a second.

So don't be afraid to be creative. Let your imagination take flight. Release your craft-making talent to create fantastic Christmas wedding favors that will surely impress and delight all your guests.

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Christmas Wedding Favors

When it comes to Christmas Wedding Favors, there are a lot of choices. Let us discuss more about these choices now!