Cookie and Chocolate Wedding Favors

Cookie and Chocolate Wedding Favors are some of the most popular choices when it comes to wedding favor. There are a lot of different varieties in design

Edible Gifts

Something edible is always a popular choice for wedding favors because the probability of being wasted is a lot smaller compared to non-edible items. Of all the choices of edible gifts, Cookies Wedding Favors and Chocolate Wedding Favors are exceptionally popular. In fact, the design of these products are usually very elegant and this make it a perfect option.

Liquor Filled Chocolate Bottles Favor Box Double chocolate bon bon tray Chocolate Square Thank You Cards

Chocolate Wedding Favors

There are a lot of different choices for chocolate items. And most people will love them since they are beautiful and also edible. They are just like mini sculptures and this will add an artistic touch to your reception decorations when they are put on the tables.

Concerning the designs, as discussed, you have unlimited choices. One of the most popular is Chocolate Seashell Wedding Favors. This will be even more perfect if you are going to have a beach theme wedding. However, you should remember to keep them refrigeranted since these Chocolate Seashell Wedding Favors will melt easily if the temperature is too high which will probably occur when you are having your big day on a beach.

You should also ask if there can be any special arrangement if the items are to be shipped to place with warmer climate. Otherwise you will just spend the money on some melted chocolates.

Below are some of the chocolate products:

Wedding Theme Chocolate Square Favors

These chocolates are delicious and it is a perfect gift for your guests. Each piece is individually wrapped. It is at the same time a Thank You Card. This will be a special way to thank your guests. And you can choose the design of it.

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Beautiful Chocolate Box Set

This chocolate box set is very elegant. Your guests will feel they are really important to you when they get this box set. Ghirardelli chocolate is always delicious and beautiful. There are 12 individually sealed chocolate in each box set.

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Liquor Filled Chocolate Bottles

These champagne bottles will be perfect if you want to give your guests something special. There is assorted liquor in each of these bottoles. Chocolate and liquor are certainly perfect combination. Each set will contain 36 bottles.

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Chocolate Heart Truffle Bon Bons

Chocolates will be more delicious and beautiful with truffle. This chocolate wedding favor is a white chocolate with creme filled truffles. It is smooth and tasty. There are 24 pieces in each box.

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Foiled Chocolate Hearts

This chocolate favor is simple yet meaningful. The colors of the foils come with both gold and silver. The size of it is 1-1/4". The heart shape reminds your guests your romantic event.

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Cookies Wedding Favors

Besides chocolates, cookies is another popular choice for edible party favors. Everyone loves cookies. The tastes are always delicious. Again, you have tremedous options in terms of design. You may even make the design in a way that it matches your theme. For instances, you can make the cookies to match your beach party them, like in the case of Chocolate Seashell Wedding Favors.

Below are some of the Cookie products:

Heart Shaped Dress and Tux Cookies

The wedding dress and Tux is certainly something that can signify your wedding. This lovely heart shape cookie in the designs of wedding dress and Tux will be a really good way for you to thank your guests.

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Monogrammed Heart Shape Cookies

The heart shape is a very popular shape when it comes to cookie wedding favors. At the same time, you will want to persoanlize the cookies. This beautiful monogrammed cookie favor will allow you to get both job done!

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Custom Design Wedding Cake Cookie in Wrap with Ribbon

The cookies are in the shape of wedding cakes. This makes it perfect as wedding favors since the cake is certainly one of the most important parts on your big day. You can even choose the colors of the "cake" and icing of it.

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Bee Cookie Favor

The Cookie Wedding Favors are handmade by gourmet baker. The taste of it is delicious and the shape is of course very cute. You guests will just love this and you will add a touch of your reception when they are placing on the tables.

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Daisy Cookie Favor

Again, this is a handmade cookie. It is decorated in the shape of daisy. Each piece will be individually packed with a personalized hangtag.

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Cookie and Chocolate Wedding Favors

Cookie and Chocolate Wedding Favors are some of the most popular choices when it comes to wedding favor. There are a lot of different varieties in design